Commitment to inclusion & collaborative innovation

All my endeavors reflect my dedication to standardizing software content, supporting less-resourced languages, and advocating for colorful linguistic mosaic within the technological landscape.

The first volunteer

Worked tirelessly to foster collaboration within the multiple international GILT communities (g11n, i18n, l10n, and translation) before joining Apple Inc., founding impactful projects such as the award-winning FUEL Project and the groundbreaking Bhasha Ghar initiative. As an Open Source Community Manager with the Digital India program of the Government of India, I have honed my skills in strategic planning, team leadership, and cross-functional collaboration.

Founder, FUEL Project

This initiative addresses software translation inconsistencies through a systematic approach, offering replicable steps for consistency while creating standardized, modular, and citizen-centric linguistic resources. It is supported by Red Hat and recognized by C-DAC, the Governments of India and Maharashtra, and numerous open-source organizations like Mozilla, Wikipedia, the Document Foundation, SARAI, among others. Additionally, it stands as the largest open-source repository of linguistic resources.

Convener, Digital Publishing, W3C India

Convened the “Alternate Time Zone Meeting” for W3C’s Digital Publishing Interest Group, centered on India Time Zone. Led a Task Force within DigPub IG, arranging sessions involving varied stakeholders—government officials, linguists, technologists, and publishers in India. This initiative significantly aided in comprehending the complexities of digital publishing in Indian languages.

Founder, Bhasha Ghar

This initiative prioritizes low-resourced Indian languages, aiming to foster their technological growth for long-term sustainability. Additionally, it actively addresses the plight of endangered languages such as Angika, organizing events dedicated to preserving linguistic diversity. Furthermore, the initiative focuses on raising awareness among younger generations, encouraging them to contribute digital content for the preservation and revitalization of these languages.

Indian Language Lead, OpenOffice.Org/LibreOffice.Org

Led localization of the office suite into Indian languages, cultivating an open-source community, advocating for Indian language support, conducting marketing initiatives, and collaborating with government bodies to promote adoption aligned with language policies. Emphasis was on effective localization across Indian languages, bolstered by government support for comprehensive coverage in all 22 Indian languages.

Representative, Mozilla

Mozilla Reps (ReMo Reps) are community leaders who represent Mozilla globally. As a ReMo, worked to build local communities, advocated for Mozilla’s mission, mentored new reps, lead initiatives, and collaborated to promote an open and healthy internet. Released first ever open source browser in Hindi and Maithili. Worked to ensure low resourced language Angika’s presence on Mozilla platform.

Ambassador, Fedora

One of the earliest Fedora ambassadors. As a passionate Fedora advocate, worked to promote Fedora’s mission, engaged with users and contributors, provided support, collected feedback, and represented Fedora at events, contributing to its growth and fostering collaboration. Released first ever Linux operating system in Hindi and Maithili.

A technical communicator

Collaborating extensively with corporate entities, government agencies, and various community sectors, coupled with my background as a cultural domain journalist, has afforded me a profound comprehension of the intricate and diverse requirements of Indian users. This multifaceted experience has not only honed my ability to navigate diverse landscapes but has also provided deep insights into understanding and meeting the nuanced needs of individuals across different strata of Indian society.

Localization Engineer, Hindi, Apple Inc.(2016-Current)

Translating Apple products into Hindi, using internal tools for localization assessment. Monitoring, resolving bugs, ensuring linguistic quality. Collaborating for seamless processes, aiding quick translations, enhancing workflows, maintaining style guides, and language glossaries. Working with engineering and localization teams, evaluating English sources, and providing Indian cultural and linguistic insights for effective localization.

Open Source Community Manager, Digital India (2015-2016)

Managing community activities for the Govt. of India Open Source Collaboration Platform, engaging stakeholders from government agencies and the wider community. Encouraging volunteer involvement, fostering contributions to e-Gov projects. Identifying citizen-centric opportunities for open governance, evangelizing the platform via presentations, articles, and demonstrations. Initiating campaigns to drive platform adoption and acceleration.

Technical Translator, Hindi & Team Lead, Red Hat Inc. (2004-2015)

Translated manuals, print media, and web content that form part of Red Hat’s products and services in Hindi. Participated in software quality assurance activities that focus on internationalization and localization. Managed tickets for translation activities; responded to requesters, tracked progress and finalized deliverables. Managed SVN/GIT repositories, including providing training and resolving problems for junior translators. Managed technical terminology and style guide in different languages and prepared assessment matrices.

Journalist, Culture, Indian Express Group & Literate World Inc. (2000-2004)

Managed content providers, website updates, and content planning for a California based pioneering Hindi cultural portal, Collaborating with the Editor and sourcing diverse content. Orchestrated awareness campaigns, curated special issues, and conducted literary surveys and interviews with 100+ cultural personalities. Formerly a Hindi journalist at Jansatta (Indian Express Group), extensively covering cultural, literary domains, ministries, language issues, seminars, and conferences, crafting features for the esteemed Hindi newspaper.

The last individual

In the spectrum of my professional endeavors, I hold my individual self in the humblest regard, recognizing that my contributions are a culmination of collective efforts and shared learnings. Adept at leveraging my extensive knowledge in translation tools, project management, and community engagement to drive efficiency, maintain high standards, and deliver exceptional results. My commitment to advancing language accessibility aligns with the basic requirements of Indian language users.

Author, inventor, influencer

  • Authored the first Hindi book on localization.
  • Hold two US patents.
  • Written articles and reports for many well known magazines.
  • Inspiring positive stakeholder engagement on tech platforms through collaborative advocacy efforts to support Indian languages.

Uniting in the celebration of sharing

Through extensive engagement, encompassing reporting of over 500 international and national cultural events, conducting interviews with more than 100 cultural luminaries, organizing international FUEL GILT Conferences and numerous large community meet-ups, as well as participation in over 25 international conferences and countless user group meetups, hackathons, and talks, a broad perspective akin to collective wisdom derived from diverse experiences and interactions has been cultivated.

Events, conferences, meetups

  • Organized four international FUEL GILT Conferences (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016) and 50+ large community meet-ups.
  • Participated and attended 25+ International conferences.
  • Organized and attended hundreds of user group meetups, hackathon, talks.
  • Wrote reports for 500+ significant cultural events across India, featured in newspapers and magazines.

“Words are the only jewel I possess; Words are the only clothes I wear; Words are the only food that sustains my life; Words are the only wealth that I distribute among people.”

Sant Tukaram

The Poet, c.1598 – 1650

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