राजेश रंजन | Rajesh Ranjan

📧 rajesh672@gmail.com | 📱+1 (669) 203-7061 | 🌐 www.rajeshranjan.in | 🏠 10109 S Blaney Ave Apt #A, Cupertino, California USA, 95014

Dedicated but highly diverse 18+ years of extensive localization and internationalization experience at Apple and Red Hat along with 4 years in mainstream Hindi journalism. Recognized for pioneering the FUEL Project and authoring the first book on Localization in Hindi. Holds two US patents in language-related technologies. Adept at managing diverse translation projects and fostering collaboration within global linguistic communities. In my role as an Open Source Community Manager for the Government of India’s Digital India program, I’ve sharpened my expertise in strategic planning, leading teams, and collaborating across functions.

🏢 Work

  • Apple Inc - Localization Engineer, Hindi (2016 — Present)
    Driving Hindi translations of Apple’s software, monitoring bugs, and ensuring high linguistic quality. Collaborating cross-functionally to support seamless workflows. Maintaining style guides and terminologies along with providing India specific cultural insights, and assisting with any Hindi specific user experience queries.
  • Digital India - Open Source Community Manager (2015 — 2016)
    Managed Govt. of India’s Open Source Platform community activities, engaging stakeholders, volunteers, and developers. Identified citizen-centric opportunities for open governance, conducted platform evangelism, and organized campaigns to drive adoption.
  • Red Hat, Inc - Technical Translator, Hindi (2004 — 2015)
    Translated manuals, print media, and web content constituting Red Hat’s products and services into Hindi. Engaged in software quality assurance focusing on internationalization and localization. Oversaw translation activity tickets, progress tracking, and repository management. Supervised technical terminology, style guides, and assessment matrices in various languages.
  • Literate World, Inc - Content Coordinator (2001 — 2003)
    Coordinated content providers, managed website updates, collaborated on content planning with the Editor, and cultivated content sources for the pioneering Hindi portal. Orchestrated successful awareness campaigns and curated special issues on diverse topics. Conducted unique literary surveys and interviews with over fifty literary figures including reporting all major cultural events during my tenure.
  • Indian Express Group - Cultural Correspondent (2000 — 2001)
    Began career as a mainstream Hindi journalist at Jansatta, the Hindi newspaper of Indian Express Group. extensively covering cultural, literary domains, ministries, language issues, major seminars, and conferences. Conducted interviews and crafted special features for the most widely acclaimed Hindi newspaper.

Collaborating extensively with corporate entities, government agencies, and various community sectors, coupled with my background as a cultural domain journalist, has afforded me a profound comprehension of the intricate and diverse requirements of Indian users. This multifaceted experience has not only honed my ability to navigate diverse landscapes but has also provided deep insights into understanding and meeting the nuanced needs of individuals across different strata of Indian society.

🏫 Education

  • University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad, PG Diploma in Translation Studies in Hindi
  • Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi, PG Diploma in Journalism (Hindi)
  • University of Delhi, Delhi, B.Sc. Statistics (Honors)

👨🏽‍💻 Patents

  • Style-based spellchecker tool (US20140372101A1)
  • Translation assessment based on computer-generated subjective translation quality score (US9575965B2)

📝 Spellchecker

📚 Book & Publications

🎓 Life Member

  • Linguistic Society of India

📖 Languages

  • Hindi, Maithili
  • English
  • Angika, Bhojpuri, Magahi, Urdu
  • Sanskrit (second language till high school)


  • Manthan Award, e- Localization, FUEL Project, 2014
  • Red Hat outstanding contribution Award 2014
  • FOSS.IN award, KDE 3.5 Team
  • 1st prize winner, National Essay Competition, Press Council of India, 2000

Attending numerous impactful conferences, organizing international FUEL GILT Conferences and diverse community meet-ups, alongside participation in over 25 international conferences and countless user group gatherings, hackathons, and talks has enriched me profoundly. Each engagement isn’t merely an event; it’s a repository of life’s experiences and insights. This breadth of knowledge distinguishes me: I carry a wealth of wisdom into my work, far beyond conventional job-related language experiences, shaping a unique perspective indispensable in my endeavors.

📛 Conferences, events, talks, meetups

  • Organized four international FUEL GILT Conferences (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016).
  • Organized 50+ large community meet-ups.
  • Participated/attended 25+ International conferences.
  • Organized and attended hundreds of user group meetups, hackathon, talks.

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A transformative force within product adaptation (Globalization) teams, recognized for persistence, innovation, and reshaping localization practices. Acknowledged as a Translation World Star, known for patience, tenacity, and resourcefulness. Demonstrates creativity dedicated to leveraging new technologies, ensuring Indian languages find their space in the digital realm.

🫶 Recommendations

  • Rajesh has consistently been one of the guiding lights in our product adaptation (aka Globalization) teams. His projects are still in use and provide guidance for teams on how to interact with a community and how to broker and harmonize tough competing ideas. Rajesh is a persistent and innovative thinker. — Michael Hideo Smith, Director, Red Hat
  • Rajesh is one of a handful of people who can truly be said to have changed the way we do localization. — Michelle Kim, Manager, Red Hat
  • As a content coordinator Rajesh has all the requisite skills including patience, tenacity and resourcefulness. He focuses on the ultimate goal and then works backward to create a pathway. I highly recommend Rajesh for any assignment that demands strong writing and communication skills coupled with perseverance and focus. — Mayank Chhaya, CEO, Literate World
  • Polite and unassuming, Rajesh hides behind this demeanor, a professional and organised attitude and discussing with him has always been a learning experience. I have been impressed by his creativity which reflect his dedication to harnessing new technologies to ensure that Indian languages have their rightful place on the digital medium and the “unreached” can be reached out to, in their own languages. — Raymond Doctor, NLP Specialist, CDAC
  • Rajesh will always be a Translation World Star because he envisioned and managed the ultimate task of making translators, academics, IT engineers, clients and governments officials engage in meaningful conversations on various platforms in real time, conferences and targeted face to face meetings, in order to improve translation quality, and much needed constructive interaction between stakeholders. — Corina Roe, Senior Technical Translator, Red Hat